Regional and Rural 3-1-1

Constituents everywhere can have open and effective information channels with their local government.

The 311 number is a telephone code, approved by the Federal Communications Commission in 1997, that provides the public with quick access to non‐emergency government services through one point of contact on a 24/7 basis. Since the code’s inception, dozens of metropolitan jurisdictions throughout the nation have successfully implemented 311 Centralized Call Centers to better serve their constituents. A typical annual budget for a metro 311 Center is well over $1 Million.

How can local governments have affordable access to the benefits of 311?

The solution is simple…collaborate to deliver Regional 311.

311 Network is a group of outsourced contact management firms that deliver regional 3‐1‐1 coverage for local governments where it might otherwise be cost‐prohibitive. Using this model, cities and counties within a local geographic area join together to create a regional 3‐1‐1 citizen service call center, with help from the private sector. Each government entity has their own database while sharing technology and privatized call center services within their local region.


…for the Jurisdiction

  • Affordable solution to the inevitable implementation of the 3‐1‐1 code nationwide.
  • Simplified call handling and departmental information setup process.
  • Updates to jurisdiction information can be made from anywhere at any time via the Internet.
  • Constituents’ inquiries and concerns are expertly handled by highly trained call center specialists.
  • Proven call handling technology that eliminates ongoing telephone company charges.
  • Expandable network of experienced call specialists available to handle short‐term increases in call volumes.
  • Ability to monitor and track complaints and trends from a jurisdiction‐wide level.

…for Constituents

  • One number to call for all local government information and services.
  • Simple access to the latest local and regional tourism and event information.